International Evolutions
Regarding the Reconsideration of the Role of the
State in Managing the Energetic Field

Authors: Ion PLUMB and Andreea ZAMFIR
Published in: Vol.5 / 2004

      In our days we notice, at international level, an insistent preoccupation from the specialists, who work in one of the most sensible industrial sector, the energetic one, for raising its performance and efficiency.
      Not so long ago, the development of this sector was made with a powerful implication from the state, following both the insurance of energetic security and the economic efficiency. Thus, the rigid monopolistic structures appeared, with a weak diversity and reduced flexibility, that didnít allow consumers to choose their suppliers. The existence of an absolute monopole and the functions of owner, manager, authority and control assured by the state are the main problems that the energetic sectors from different countries have.