Vol. 17 Nr. 3 / 2016

1. The Importance Awarded to Human Resources and Human Resources Department in Companies from West Region of Romania Citeste articolul
Autori: Nicolae BIBU, Anca-Ioana MUNTEANU
2. Students Economic Literacy between Real and Ideal Citeste articolul
Autori: Maria Liana LACATU?, Camelia STAICULESCU
3. Clarifying Leadership: High-impact Leaders in a Time of Leadership Crisis Citeste articolul
Autori: Franco GANDOLFI, Seth STONE
4. Glimpses into Private Dimension of the Health System: Entrepreneurial Solutions and Statistical Insights Citeste articolul
Autori: Ana-Maria GRIGORE, Elena DRUICA
5. A Separation between Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Governance Citeste articolul
Autor: Emil CRI?AN
6. Ethics and Sustainability � �The Silver Lining� of Supply Chains Citeste articolul
Autor: Alexandra-Codru?a B�ZOI
7. Internet is Changing Cultures Citeste articolul
Autor: Vladimir-Aurelian ENACHESCU, Donna TARABAY
8. The Use of Telematics Solutions in Achieving Excellency in Anti Criminal Activity in Romania Citeste articolul
Autor: Emilian Cristian IRIMESCU, Cristian BANACU, Corina IOANAS
9. The Impact of a Managerial Model of Decision and Strategic Action Applied To the Companies from Mures County about Their Performance against the Competition Citeste articolul
Autor: Alina Maria FARCA?