Vol. 16 Nr. 3 / 2015

1. The Liberalization Process of the Railway Sector in Romania and European Union Countries Cite?te articolul
Autori: Cristian BUSU, Mihail BUSU
2. About Managers, Competence and Efficiency Cite?te articolul
3. Cooperation between European Governments and the IMF: Conditionality Impact on Employment within the EU Cite?te articolul
Autori: Armenia ANDRONICEANU, Gurgen OHANYAN
4. The New Intelligence, the New Leader and the Organizational Stress Cite?te articolul
Autor: Mircea Aurel NI?A
5. The Romanian Internal Public Audit System � An X-Ray Analysis of Audit ompartment Activities Cite?te articolul
6. Views on the Absorption Rate of the European Social Fund in Romania Cite?te articolul
Autori: Laura MARINAS, Eugen PRIOTEASA
7. Linking Human Resources with Internal Marketing in Football Management Cite?te articolul
Autor: Vlad RO?CA
8. Intangible Assets in Business Combinations Cite?te articolul
Autori: Violeta SACUI, Miclea Camelia SZATMARY
9. The Management of the Cultural Field Cite?te articolul
Autor: Vasile ZECHERU
10. Privatization in Romania � A Challenge both For the Government and For the Companies Cite?te articolul
Autor: Bogdan STICLOSU
11. Public Services Impact on Urban Migration Phenomenon in Romania Cite?te articolul
Autor: Beniamin Viorel BRANZAS