Vol. 16 Nr. 1 / 2015

1. Knowledge Management in Romanian Young SMEs Citeste articolul
Autor: Sebastian Ion CEPTUREANU
2. Dimensions of Deviant Workplace Behavior in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Citeste articolul
Autori: Claudia-Elena ?UCLEA, Diana-Maria VR�NCEANU, Alina FILIP
3. The Impact of Decentralization on the Efficiency of Municipal Services. Case study Citeste articolul
Autori: Cristina Elena NICOLESCU, Crina Ramona R�DULESCU
4. Evaluating the Performances of Livestock Production Management. An Empirical Analysis of EU Countries Citeste articolul
Autor: Stere BAZBANELA
5. Organizational Structure of Romanian Universities. Differences and Similarities Citeste articolul
Autor: Roxana Elena TEODOROIU
6. Reactions to Change in Romanian SMEs Citeste articolul
Autor: Eduard Gabriel CEPTUREANU
7. Model of Change on ITC Romanian SMEs Citeste articolul
Autor: Ortansa Andreea Mihaela STIRBU
8. Corporate Support for Sport and Organisational Performance. Case Study for Companies in Romania Citeste articolul
Autor: Sebastian M�d�lin MUNTEANU
9. Proposal for a Decision Support System to Predict Financial Distress Citeste articolul
Autor: M�d�lina Ecaterina POPESCU
10. Corporate Governance Codes in Romania and European Union Countries Citeste articolul
Autor: Mihail BUSU
11. Monitoring Romanian Medical System: International Perspectives Citeste articolul
Autori: Ana-Madalina POTCOVARU, Adriana GIRNEATA, Adi Eleonor TRIFU
12. Developing the Organizational Culture Citeste articolul
Autor: Geant� SERGIU