Vol. 15 Nr. 4 / 2014

1. The Effects of Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence of Managers on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of Employees Cite?te articolul
Autori: Ferit ÖLÇER, Margareta Stela FLORESCU, Marian NASTASE
2. Stakeholders’ Perception of the Process of Change in the Romanian Pre-University Education Cite?te articolul
Autori: Adriana GRIGORESCU, Luminita Mirela OLTEANU
3. HR Issues and Challenges in Pharmaceuticals with special reference to India Cite?te articolul
Autor: Mishra SOVANJEET
4. Strategic Management of Sustainable Development of Romania in the European Context – Europe 2020 Cite?te articolul
Autori: Cristina COTOCEL, Bogdan GRIGORAS, Constantin FLOREA, Nicolae CONCIOIU, Adrian STAN
5. Effect of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction: A Comparative Analysis of Pakistan Telecom Sector Cite?te articolul
Autori: Muhammad Arslan, Maria Iftikha, Rashid Zaman
6. Strategic Segmentation – The Preamble of Developing a Company Strategy Cite?te articolul
Autori: Vasile DEAC, Aurelia STANESCU
7. Influence of European Funds on Farm Management in Romania Cite?te articolul
Autor: Andrei-Marius SANDU
8. Guidelines in the Adaptation of Business Models to Different Markets in the Context of Globalization Cite?te articolul
Autori: Razvan RADULESCU, Florin TÎRLA
9. Influence of Natural Factors upon the Organization Activities Cite?te articolul
Autori: Adi Eleonor TRIFU, Adriana GIRNEATA, Madalina POTCOVARU
10. Balance Sheet of a Central Bank – a Source of Information about the Economic Position of a Country. A Comparative Study of USA and China Cite?te articolul
Autor: Rumiana GÓRSKA
11. The Role and Importance of Governance for the Public Sector. Case Study for Romania Cite?te articolul
Autor: Adelina DUMITRESCU
12. Knowledge Based Management Trends in IT Companies Cite?te articolul
Autor: Ortansa Andreea Mihaela Stirbu