Vol. 15 Nr. 2 / 2014

1. Economic Efficiency of the Electronic Security Systems in Security Management of Commercial Activities Citeste articolul
Authors: Marian NĂSTASE, Emilian Cristian IRIMESCU
2. Are Social Enterprises in Romania EMES Social Enterprises? Citeste articolul
Authors: Loredana ORHEI, Joop VINKE, Sharda S. NANDRAM
3. Households’ Adjustment to the Economic Crisis and the Impact on the Retail Sector in Romania Citeste articolul
Author: Irina ION
4. New Trends in Business Management and Possible Applications in International Tourism Citeste articolul
Author: Monica Simona GHIURCO
5. Managing Financial Crisis: The Case of Iceland and Latvia Citeste articolul
Author: Hilmar Þór HILMARSSON
6. Managerial Challenges and the Romanian Labour Dynamics in the European Context Citeste articolul
Author: Clara VOLINTIRU
7. Board Dynamics and Financial Reporting Quality in Nigeria Citeste articolul
Author: Victor Chiedu OBA
8. Proposal of a SMEs Forecast Management Support System Citeste articolul
Authors: Marin ANDREICA, Mădălina Ecaterina POPESCU, Dragos MICU
9. Human Resources Management in the Syrian Companies in Romania Citeste articolul
Author: Nedaa SOUSI
10. Change Management in Medical University Education in Romania in the Context of National and European Development Policies Citeste articolul
Authors: Vladimir-Aurelian ENĂCHESCU, Ioana-Roxana TRAPIEL