Vol. 15 Nr. 1 / 2014

1. Solution to Internalize the Sustainability in a Spa Company Citeste articolul
Autori: Marian NĂSTASE, Cosmin DEMETRIAN
2. Is Motivation Essential for Creating New Lifestyles – Management Intervention Model for Female Immigrants from Developing Countries Citeste articolul
Autor: Efrat TAHAR-KEDEM
3. Book Publishing Business in Romania – An Analysis from the Perspective of Porter's Five Force Model Citeste articolul
Autor: Ana-Maria GRIGORE
4. Sources of Occupational Stress among University Professors – A Case Study for the Romanian Universities Citeste articolul
Autor: Monica Elisabeta PADURARU
5. A Model for Eliciting Expert Knowledge into Sports-Specific Knowledge Management Systems Citeste articolul
Autor: Vlad ROŞCA
6. The Brand as Strategic Asset of the Organization Citeste articolul
Autori: Liviu Crăciun, Cătălin Mihail BARBU
7. Organizational Changes within a Governmental Agency as It Becomes an Autority - Transition from Israel Land Administration to Israel Land Autority (1) Citeste articolul
Autor: Ron SPIEGEL
8. Sports Organizations’ Decision Process Citeste articolul
Autor: Gheorghe JINGA
9. Using Bench Learning for the Improvement of the Institution's Overall Performance Citeste articolul
Autori: Mircea BĂCALĂ, Diana SALA
10. Internal Audit – Managerial Control Relation Citeste articolul
Autor: Vasile ZECHERU
11. Environmental Management Issues Prevailing in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Citeste articolul
Autor: Sanda VIŞAN
12. Scientific Research Management in Romania Citeste articolul