Vol. 14 Nr. 3 / 2013

1. Leveraging Organizational Capabilities through Collaboration and Collaborative Competitive Advantage Citeste articolul
Autori: Alexandru Ionut ROJA, Marian NASTASE
2. Aldo Amaduzzi: One of the Best Italian Scholars in the Business Disciplines Citeste articolul
Autor: Silvia ANGELONI
3. School and Non-governmental Organizations Partnership in Benefit of the Local Community Citeste articolul
Autori: Camelia STAICULESCU, Maria Liana LACATUS
4. The rise of Emerging Multinationals from Russia – Models, Drivers and Internationalization Strategies Citeste articolul
Autori: Codruta DURA, Imola DRIGA
5. Corporate Social Responsibility Communication in the Age of New Media: towards the Logic of Sustainability Communication Citeste articolul
Autori: Uzoechi NWAGBARA, Patrick REID
6. Management of Financial Resources for Scientific Research in Universities in Romania Citeste articolul
Autori: Margareta Stela FLORESCU, Alina Stefania CRETU
7. Management Changes and Challenges to Preserve Holocaust Extermination Site Citeste articolul
8. Highly Applicable Management Methods regarding Physical Education in an University Environment Citeste articolul
Autor: Gheorghe JINGA
9. Project Management and Risks Administration Citeste articolul
Autor: Vasile ZECHERU
10. The Impact of Value Added Intellectual Coefficient Components on Financial Health Citeste articolul
Autor: Faris Nasif AL- SHUBIRI
11. Improving a Car Dealership’s Communications through the Comunicom Direct Active Communication System Citeste articolul
Autor: Cezar CALUSCHI
12. The Impact of Disciplinary Problems on Academic Achievements Citeste articolul
Autor: Ensaf ABU-AHMED
13. Systemic Relationship Marketing: Co-Creating Sports Brand Equity with Fans and Other Stakeholders Citeste articolul
Autor: Vlad ROSCA
14. The Global Financial Crisis Discloses Dysfunctional Distribution of Income in Developed Economies. Where Do Central and Eastern Europe Stand? Citeste articolul
Autori: Simona MARINESCU, Cezar Radu COJOCARIU