Vol. 14 Nr. 2 / 2013

1. A Plea for the Importance of Business Ethics Education for Future Managers in an International Competitive Environment Citeste articolul
Autori: Marian NASTASE, Diana Corina GLIGOR – CIMPOIERU
2. What Future for Social Reporting and Accountability in Academic Systems. An Overview of the Italian Case Citeste articolul
Autor: Paolo RICCI
3. The Business Simulator – An Essential Tool for Developing Managerial Competencies to Students in Economics Citeste articolul
Autori: Mihai CERCEL, Dorel-Mihai PARASCHIV, Ramona TARTAVULEA
4. An Inquiry into the Use and Usefulness of Performance Dashboards in Construction Enterprises across West Region of Romania Citeste articolul
Autori: Marius PANTEA, Andrei PELIN
5. Generic Integration of Lean, Agile, Resilient, and Green Practices in Automotive Supply Chain Citeste articolul
Autori: Meysam MALEKI, Virgilio CRUZ MACHADO
6. National Debt Management Citeste articolul
7. Research Regarding the Management of Change in Romanian Public Institutions Citeste articolul
Autor: Marius POPARA
8. Sustainable Cost Management in Retail Citeste articolul
Autor: Radojko LUKIC
9. Favorable Energy Management to Extend the Use of Solar Energy in Romania Citeste articolul
Autori: Sanda VISAN, Cristina ALPOPI
10. The Current Cost Computing System Regarding Continuous Hospitalization Diagnosis in Romania Citeste articolul
Autor: Gabriela Loredana DINULESCU
11. Motivation - A Stimulating Factor for Increasing Human Resource Management Performance Citeste articolul
Autori: Emanoil MUSCALU, Silvana MUNTEAN
12. Experiential Learning – An Effective Approach for Gathering Knowledge and Capabilities in Professional Career Citeste articolul
Autori: George PLESOIANU, Alexandru - Costin CÂRSTEA
13. A Reassessment of the Owner - Manager “Class Conflict”: the Unintended Private Consequence of Some Public Regulations Citeste articolul
Autori: Octavian-Dragomir JORA, Mihaela IACOB
14. Relationship between Internationalization and Quality of University Research Citeste articolul