Particularities of Quality Management
in Software Industry

Vol:10 No.4 / 2009

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Babeş - Bolyai University, Cluj - Napoca, Romania

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      Very often IT domain, with its outcomes, through its multidisciplinary orientation, is an essential contributor to quality assurance of economic bodies and not only. It is difficult nowadays to find out an activity sector or even a sub-sector where software applications, regardless their nature, hadnít marked out their place and contribution to its good economic and social development. In order to contribute as a tool toward economic and qualitative increasing of performance, the tool itself (the software product) must be of high quality.

      Therefore, itís useful to turn back to a less visible thing, placed behind or aside of the other front stage things. Itís about the quality of the quality drivers, the quality of software, the quality into the software industry. The last thing is treated more carefully in this study and the intention is nothing else than a closer look and reveal of those elements which create some quality particularities coming up from those ĄspecialtiesĒ of the so much particular software domain.

      Of course, quality principles are truly the same but their interpretation and implementation are slightly particular. The authorsí opinion is that the more we know about these particularities the easier is quality management improvement in software industry but with the remark it isnít enough and the subject still remains not totally covered.

      Keywords: quality, quality management, IT, software, plus quality

Pages: 633 - 646