Organizational Wellness Modeling

Vol:10 No.4 / 2009

Constantin OPREAN
Alina Mihaela VANU
Amelia BUCUR
Lubian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania
Phone:+4 0269218165

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      The aim of the present paper is to establish certain mathematical models for organizational wellness as well as to create some wellness optimization problems applicable to any type of organization (including universities) that might be mathematically solved resorting to aspects of operational research of mathematical analysis. The results obtained associated with a mathematical apparatus enable one to perform analyses, comparisons, interpretations, predictions. All of us have, consciously or not, a genuine curiosity in creating and shaping organizational wellness. This concept represents a highly topical issue since professional activity, irrespective of its field, holds a very significant place for each of us. The hard-to-dinstinguish „border” between personal and professional life urges all companies, smaller or larger, to attempt to find solution at an individual and organizational level in order to support and improve the concept of organizational wellness, in its current and future understanding. Regardless of their thoughts, feelings or actions, all individuals belong to that organization.

      Keywords: organizational wellness, mathematical models, social processes modelling

Pages: 622 - 632