Successfully Introducing the Methods and Instruments
for Flexible Business Processes Automation
into Romanian Companies

Vol:10 No.4 / 2009

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The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

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      An approach containing methods and instruments adapted to the economical environment conditions with a high speed changing rate would be the synthetic description of the BPM (Business Process Management). This approach was absorbing instruments from both business management and information technology field, being situated at the border between the interests of two scientific communities, therefore revealing a high degree of modernity and innovation.

      Also, provided the innovative nature, this research domain was not properly explored by the specialized literature, consequently it emerges with a sharp need for specialized researching.

      The comprehension of the typical phases of this kind of projects and of the critical success factors is oriented towards the convergence of the aspects surveyed by the business and Information Technology (IT) communities, the usage of a common vocabulary, the understanding of the possibilities but also the limits of the current technological environment. This understanding represents the foundation of achieving the benefits supplied by the approach presented.

      Keywords: business process, BPM, critical success factors, process automation, process improvement

Pages: 837 - 844