Mediation of Conflicts
– a Viable Solution
for Surpassing Communication Barriers.
President-Mediator in the Conflict between
the Government and the Syndicate’s Organizations
from the Education Field

Vol:10 No.4 / 2009

Laura Maria MARUŞCA
The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania
Phone/fax: +4 0740.314.725

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      The premises of this project are that approximately 90% of the conflicts in the modern society and not only, are based on poor communication.

      Any type of miscommunication (due to cultural, linguistic, politic or religious differences) can and will generate conflicts of various intensities going from simple quarrels to diplomatic incidents and all the way to wars.

      The mediator has the role to solve any existing conflict and to help repair the breaches from the communicational system between parts, in order to preserve the relationship.

      The article presents a case study on the involvement of the President of Romania, proclaimed to be a mediator by the Constitution, to settle amicably conflicts triggered during October-November 2005, between the Education Unions and the Government of Romania.

      The involvement of the President as a mediator in the conflict triggered by the wage claims of teachers and students while our budget was not able to support those claims followed almost all the theoretical recommendations regarding the amicable settlement of conflicts through the intervention of a third part.

      Keywords: communication, conflict, mediator, dispute resolution, education

Pages: 826 - 836