Linking Job Design and Training
in the Romanian Organizations

Vol:10 No.4 / 2009

Cristian MARINAŞ
The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

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      In this paper the author present an image of the human resources practices used in the Romanian companies. In this way, we conducted a study regarding human resources management practices in the Romanian companies, on 150 organizations from different fields. The main objective of the study was to obtain a relevant volume of real and trustworthy information regarding the degree of knowledge, the implementation and the future directions of human resources management development process in Romanian companies.

      The author presents a comparative analyze regarding the job design and training activities in the Romanian organizations. He involves in his study different types of organizations such: small and medium enterprises, large companies, public institutions and multinationals.

      The value of the information regarding the particularities of human resources management in Romania is extremely important, because we undertook a complex analysis of the main human resources management activities in 150 Romanian companies. Knowing the particularities of the human resource management in the Romanian organizations, specially the particularities of the job design and training, it will be more easier to find out more and better solutions to the problems that we are facing on in different organizations, in the context of the economic crisis and of the reform process of the Romanian public institutions.

      Keywords: human resource management, job design, training programs, small and medium enterprises, public institutions

Pages: 806 - 815