Corporate Political Strategy on Three Continents
A Managerial Comparative Approach
at Global Level
Part I - United States of America and Russia

Vol:10 No.4 / 2009

Simona BUŞOI
Phone:+4 021.319.19.00
The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

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      This is the second part of our study on corporate political activity (it is the continuation of the article “The Impact of Corporate Political Activity over Strategic Management”, published in the same journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2009), an issue that should be regarded as very important in the firm’s interaction with the political factor.

      The aim of this scientific approach is to present a comparative analysis on corporate political strategies in various parts of the world, referring in particular to the United States of America, Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China, and finally, to Romania. We shall focus on the characteristics of the corporate political strategies in the countries mentioned before, in specific economic, political, legal, historical and cultural conditions. It will be seen that the political activity of the corporations can generate different results in countries with different degrees of development, different political system and cultural background. In the end, we intend to show which are the resemblances and the differences between the corporate political activity in the four countries from three continents, and which the path for Romania is in this regard.

      For this is a complex matter, as there are many characteristics of the corporate political activities and examples meant to illustrate these activities in the four countries, we present here, for editorial reasons, a first part of our analysis, regarding corporate political activity the US and Russia. Russia today is an important player in the world, both politically and economically, and the old antithesis between the two countries, USA and Russia, has turned into a new kind of competition, as a result of the major changes that took place in Russia in the recent decades. In the second part we shall refer to China, an economic power that can not and must not be ignored, and Romania, our major interest, and we’ll also present the final conclusions of our study

      Keywords: corporate political activity, corporate political strategy, lobby, campaign finance, interest groups, oligarchs, economic rationality, United States of America, Russian Federation

Pages: 755 - 769