Quality Issues in Human Capital Management

Vol:10 No.3 / 2009

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      Human capital and its management are important because give the possibility to organizations to use more productively the personnel by means of measurements, analysis and evaluations than by suppositions.

      We notice in parallel that the increasing interest towards human capital of the company is more and more obvious. The success, the performance and competition of the companies depend in great measure on the content and quality of human capital management, That is why, the key-word of human capital and its management must be: investment in people, competencies, engagement and equally equity in redistributing and attribution, equilibrium in family and professional life, perspective in evolution. It is the field of the relation employer- employee, it was winner- winner, and that who gives opens in front of as it should develop the care towards the human being.

      Keywords: human capital management, profesional life, market economy, organization's objectives

Pages: 483 - 491