A Conceptual Model of the
Incubation of New Technology-Based Ventures:
a Social Capital Perspective

Vol:10 No.3 / 2009

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      Technology incubators are newer organizational forms that are created to support and accelerate the development and success of affiliated ventures, particularly new technology-based ventures. Current literature regarding incubators has suggested that an understanding of the incubation process is important when seeking to understand how affiliated ventures develop and grow. However, very little is known about the incubation process, particularly the incubation of technology-based ventures. Prior literature suggests that technology-based ventures develop in terms of both business and technological development and that the incubation process varies along these dimensions. Thus, understanding the incubation of technology-based ventures must consider the differing but simultaneous dynamics of business and technological development. Drawing from the social capital, entrepreneurship, incubation, and organizational learning literature, a conceptual model of the incubation of new technology-based ventures within technology incubators is presented.

      Keywords: incubators, new technology-based ventures, entrepreneurship, innovation

Pages: 468 - 482