Competence Development in IT Projects through
Education and Training Programmes

Vol:10 No.3 / 2009

Constanţa-Nicoleta BODEA
Melania COMAN
The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

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      The paper refers to the quality of training and education on IT project management. A survey was made and the main results are presented. 81 % of the responses came from China. The rest were professionals of different EU nationalities. The percentage of Project Managers who answered the questions is rather low - 8%. In the "Others" category, we have software developers, financial managers and professors, who are involved in both training on project management, but also as team members or team managers in IT and research projects, thus ensuring a balanced overview of both theory and practical issues.

      Keywords: quality, IT Project management, training and education, project manager, competence

Pages: 427 - 435