Importance of Trust
in the Knowledge Based Leadership

Vol:10 No.3 / 2009

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

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      More pressures are placed on leaders' decisions in terms of assuring the survival and development of their organization. As the knowledge based economy and society proves to be more than fashionable terms, the leaders have to develop new approaches able to face the challenges of a dynamic environment.

      Their inspiration and hard work are involved in developing organizational structures able to discover, to amplify and value the employees' innovative potential based on knowledge creation, acquiring, saharing and use.

      Trust becomes a delicate resource that act as a bridge between the tendency to keep the knowledge for you in order to demonstrate your important role for the organization and the real needs of higher interdependencies among the employees that are the only mechanisms that will be able to assure a competitive advantage for the organization.

      Keywords: knowledge, leaders, leadership, trust, organizational culture

Pages: 518 - 526