Solution in Crisis Period - High Performance Team

Vol:10 No.2 / 2009

West University of Timişoara, Romania
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      Now, in this period characterized by serious financial crisis, with effects in all economy especially in the field of human resources, it requires that all businesses to gain a new perspective in the way to find new markets, new opportunities. The capacity of human resources manager to mobilize the creativity, energy and people's commitment can make the difference between survival or demise of a company.

      During the crisis, companies reassess their resources and redefine their performance. Today the basic words have become: responsibility, flexibility, performance and competence.

      In our opinion one of the solution for crisis is the strength of the team work. It' s proven that in calm periods, the attitude of an individual in a group is a distant one, while when a threat come from outside the group, the individual becomes instinctively closer to the other members, and appear the need to consolidate the team.

      Now, more than ever, people understand that the best that they can do is to be a team, to consider what can be build, strengthen and rebuild together.

      This paper work presents that recalibration of the performances is based on the concept of high performance team like a solution for crisis period. We give the arguments that the strength of the team work will make the difference between the companies.

      Keywords: performance work teams, task roles, relationship roles, commitment, creative development

Pages: 295 - 307