The Impact of the Cross-Cultural Factors on Getting
the Management Performances
within AKER Multinational Company

Vol:10 No.2 / 2009

Adriana OLARU
Alexandru CAPATINA
Dunărea de Jos University, Galaţi, Romania
Phone/fax: +4 0721569995

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      Our paper approaches the aspects connected to the analysis of the values’ system specific to the AKER multinational group, world leader on the market targets represented by cruises and ferryboats, commercial ships and offshore platforms. The case study was developed at Aker Tulcea subsidiary, component of AKER multinational group. We proposed to identify the cultural profile of this firm, on the basis of the organizational cultures pattern elaborated by G. Hofstede. In this way, we conceived a questionnaire addressed to a number of 20 middle managers, in view to analyze the cross-cultural influence upon the performances of this organization. The results obtained during our research revealed that Aker Tulcea subsidiary assumed the values promoted by AKER multinational group, fact which led at the efficient management of the cultural differences and the creation of the premises in order to obtain organizational performances.

      Keywords: cross-cultural, performance, cultural values, motivation, rewards, cultural differences

Pages: 266 - 277