The Impact of Tourism in Enhancing the Quality of Life

Vol:10 No.2 / 2009

Constanţa ENEA
Georgiana TĂNĂSOIU
Constantin Brancuşi, Tg-Jiu, Romania
Phone/fax: +4 0723620691

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      The actors who provide tourist services, take a large diversion of profits and degrees of specialization. Some of these units are either independent or components for large firms, such as integrated hotels, restaurants on board ships and marine waterways, restaurant coaches, etc. Within them, the provider must provide services in the upper atmosphere and comfort. With all profits heterogeneous firms providing touristic notes are a common feature: “the aspiration to cultivate and maintain a brand image to distinguish them from other competitor companies by implementing and enhancing relationships with hospitality training their customers".

      Concern for quality is the main objective, as extremely important issue of economic activities in developed capitalist countries. Motto business activities in these countries is "the quality rebate shall never return”.

      Keywords: customer needs, tourism, forms of tourism, quality of life

Pages: 347 - 351