Involvement of Romania’s European Integration
in the Field of Employment and
Efficient Labour Use

Vol:10 No.2 / 2009

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The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

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      The beginning of the article presents the general structure of Romania employed population while joining the European Union. It is proved in figures the extent to which the transition to market economy affected Romania’s workforce, both on sexes and ages and also on socio-professional categories and activity fields.

      The article’s aim is to show us why the Romanian workforce migrates and which are the dimensions of this migration in the conditions of EU joining. At the same time, it shows us where Romanian migrate, the amount of persons that migrate and the price they pay for this. Finally, it is mentioned the way the workforce employment and usage will evolve during the post joining period, the positive and negative social implications of this complex process and also the forecast solutions for the emigrants coming back to Romania.

      Keywords: workforce, workforce migration, the rate of unemployment, the minimum gross salary, the price of emigration

Pages: 339 - 346