Leadership in the Time of Change

Vol:10 No.1 / 2009

Marian Năstase
The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania
E-mail: nastasemarian@yahoo.com
Phone/fax: +4 0213191967

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      Last years, the environment has placed more challenges for the organizations to cope with. The economic crisis brings new issues in the front of the leaders, forcing them to question again the ways of leading and the possibilities to get most of value from their human resources potential.

      The passage to the new society and economy, the knowledge based economy, which was seen as the highest level in humanity development, proves to be a process that is not smoothly at all.

      Developing the change competency for the leaders means to acquire that knowledge and abilities that are able to provide the best answer for a certain working situation or a challenging external context, with getting the best results for organization and its stakeholders.

      Keywords: change, leadership, credibility, learning, competitivity

Pages: 77 - 84