Ethics and Integrity in Multinational Companies

Vol:10 No.1 / 2009

Silvia Delia Olaru
Spiru Haret University, Romania
Phone: +4 0213169793

Elena Gurgu
Spiru Haret University, Romania
Phone: +4 0213169785/88 - ext. 151

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      The good news for multinationals is that globalization is creating more universal standards of business conduct, and these are becoming more rigorous.

      As more companies adopt these standards, it becomes increasingly important for every multinational to establish companywide core values, standards of behavior, and relevant policies in tune with the rest of the world's ethics and compliance environment.

      The benefits of an ethical culture outweigh the costs. Globally ethical companies will be those that maintain a strong reputation in all their markets, experience increased employee commitment and loyalty, garner advantages in attracting and retaining customers, and generate superior levels of performance and success.

      Keywords: globally ethical companies, business conduct, ethical culture, professional standards, corporate code of conduct

Pages: 113 - 120