Considerations About Organization Culture form British and Romanian Companies Marian Nastase

It is clear that we are all living now in a world economy determinated more than ever by closer interdependencies among countries, globalization is a process with special impact over economic and social life of every country, representing one over economic and social main challenges for the next millennium.
This, the present conditions require individuals to cross both national, organization bundies and to share multiple perspectives on common problems.
From this point of view I consider that it is important to overcome cultural barriers, to understand and accept better-overcome cultural barriers, to understand and accept better nor only the own culture but also the other that belongs to other groups, organizations or nations.
In Romania, the organization culture represents a little approached field, both theoretically and practically, even if it is a basic premises for introducing a modern management.
This article tries to present in an empiric way, a range of specific activities met in British and Romanian companies and that influence the creation, manifestation and evolution of their organization culture. In the final part there are revealed the results of an organizational culture audit developed within an industrial equipment manufacturing company, of large dimensions, from Romania.