Guide for International Transfer of Managerial Know-How Ovidiu Nicolescu

There are, at present, numerous elements speaking for the need to carry out a vast international transfer of managerial know-how. In fact, this represents a major component and an essential outcome of the globalisation of activities.
In current managerial practice, and this happens in the developed countries as well, the managerial know-how transfer is conceived and applied in an extreme variety of ways, not only from the point of view of the content - which is absolutely normal but also methodologically. Most of the methodological and applicative approaches, extremely diverse, reflect unbalances as regards the degree of awareness and understanding of the international, cultural and managerial phenomena, as well as of mastering the methods, techniques and operation rules of complex organisational changes. The respective companies reflect these unbalances in the various degrees of rationality the international transfer of managerial know-how is approached with, and, implicitly, in the quality of the performances scored.
Under these circumstances, we believe it is very useful, even of paramount importance, to elaborate a guide for carrying out international managerial transfer . The starting premise is that achieving a transfer of international managerial know-how basically represents an organisational transformation, and, as such, it should consider all the elements specific for such transformations.