China Romania Cultural Approach in the Educational Field Amedeo Istocescu

Comparative research, based on the cultural characteristics of the analyzed elements is very widespread and is no longer a novelty for our country. The reasons, which justify this, typed of approach of the social and economic phenomena are numerous. Among these we underline:
The existence of a reach specialized literature in the field of Cultural and Comparative Management;
Accepting the reality that managerial know-how transfer is faster, more cost effective and more efficient than technological transfer;
The extended use of comparative research in many fields (laws, literature, history, management);
The field of education is no exception and can be excellently considered from a cultural point of view. The reshaping of the educational process in Romania is essential for the next period. This can be done by appealing both to its ancestral moral, ethical and religious traditions and to the transfer of some management elements from other countries or social-economic systems.
The aim of this article is to consider the field of education in China and Romania from a cultural perspective.